Vista computer stuck updating

After the last “Patch Tuesday” you may have found that some of your machines got into a lather-rinse-repeat cycle –seems that the endless loop disease catches more on Windows Vista Enterprise– If after the update reboot you get the message: “Configuring Updates Stage 3 of 3 0% complete Do not turn off Computer” and some seconds after, the system reboots and it starts all over again, here’s a solution I have found: Choose this.

vista computer stuck updating-3

If you've ever watching Windows install updates when you shut down your computer, you know it's a very automated process.

Windows Update installs the updates while you walk away from your laptop, then configures the new files when you start up your computer again.

Reset WU and delete software Distribution I have stopped WU service, deleted Software Distribution folder and restarted WU service. But after all this trying I am still stuck with a Windows that is not up to date and cannot find any updates.

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Digging a little further by opening Windows Update from the Control Panel, we saw these four stuck updates total 9.4MB and were waiting to be installed.

Though it's possible that your stuck update may include different files, this solution will still work.

I have reinstall my X200s, with a fresh version of Windows 7 x64 Home Premium SP1. When I run it, it is just stuck in an endless search, even if I leave it on overnight. Installed the latest Intel RST driver I came across posts saying that it is a problem with the Lenovo Matrix drivers.

I have not installed them in the first place, because I have installed windows and went straight to Windows Update. Advanced format disk I came across posts that say that it is a problem with advanced formatting of larger harddisks.

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type: prompt winsxs (press enter) type: move C:\windows\winsxs\(press enter) type: exit and restart computer.

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