Vs 2016 updating intellisense slow is your resume dating you

But precisely WPF was designed for the “old” model: fat desktop applications, whereas Win RT uses a totally different model, taking into account the new mobile needs.

Of course the desktop and PC market is not dead, far from it, but it is not the predominant model anymore.

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Microsoft, historically a softwares vendor, is diversifying its business by becoming an hardware vendor, mimicking its competitors Apple and Samsung.

To this end Microsoft has acquired Nokia to benefit from its long time presence in the mobile phone market.

The official WPF certification (70-511) will not be continued and it will expire at summer 2015.

This is a strong explicit sign given to developers that they should not invest more time in this technology and instead devote their time to Win RT which benefits from new dedicated certification paths.

And Microsoft has taken this into account when building Win RT because you can now use the whole HTML/CSS/JS stack, including frameworks like Angular and Knockout, to develop desktop applications; a strong sign confirming that web technologies are really becoming ubiquitous (after Node on the server).

In order to capture a part of the applications vendors revenues most of the platforms’ owners like Apple and Microsoft have created “stores” you must use to publish and buy applications.

And if Microsoft did not invest in this it’s simply because it tries to get rid of Win32 to replace it with Win RT which is specially tailored for the new IT trends.

In february 2014 Microsoft named a new CEO, Satya Nadella, who comes from the cloud division of Microsoft.

Since 2009 I have put a huge personal and professional investment in WPF, using it to develop LOB applications in the financial industry, and now I’m even providing training on this topic.

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