Wale dating tiara thomas

In New Orleans in 1939 this is the adventure of a German Shepherd named Charlie and little orphan girl.

Double crossed by his former partner Charlie must get his revenge on his nemesis while protecting his charge.

This film follows the adventures of his adopted family when a crazed vet tries to kidnap him for animal experiments.

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If you’re not a Washingtonian, chances are you’ve never heard of Tiara Thomas.

Thanks to Wale, most of us (raises hand) discovered her on his new track “Bad“.

Bingo escapes from the circus and is adopted by a little boy who isn’t allowed to have dogs.

The family unknowingly leave Bingo behind when they move and he tracks his loving boy master across the nation.

Then gushed on a recent “perfect” first date: Below are the highlights: Meredith: So Ashanti what would be your idea of the perfect first date.

Ashanti: I would definitely say a nice restaurant, it’s not too loud so you can actually hear yourselves talk, the lighting, white table clothes and you can connect and it’s not so serious that you feel like you have to be engaged but you kind of get to know the person you talk, you laugh,you’re eating, you are having a good time, it’s relaxed and it’s not too stuffy. It was beautiful because there was a lot of thought put into it. The food was amazing, the lighting was gorgeous, the tables, the waiters were really cool.

Don't talk down someone else achieving/get mad at someone else's success.

Get the deets and check out Tiara Thomas’ new motivational track “On Me” inside…

The music business is brutal from all perspectives; artist, manager, label, engineer etc.

Celebrate & appreciate anyone having success in it.

A movie about a young boy named Josh who moves to a new city & is too shy to try out for the basketball team, until a runaway Golden Retriever shows him how it’s done.

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