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With visas on arrival now available for most countries, Iran is fast opening up to foreign travellers.

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Turns out, the FBI investigation one must weigh whether eternal repercussions should be laid aside for earthly security.

In Menendez’s case, apparently earthly matters take priority over eternal ones.

How did Bobby’s penchant for sleeping with young Hispanic girls get him most favored-Goy status with democracy-corrupting Jews? The Jews were hard at work waving their moneyed wands for their latest shill.

The prostitutes making the original claims incriminating Menendez disappeared and became “non-existent.” It wouldn’t be the first time that Jews would stoop to murder to advance their interests.

This leaves Flake as the lone Republican who has publicly refused to take a stand on the bill.

But if he wants to be reelected then a pact with the Jews insures a continued career.

There are flights with Turkish Airlines (via Istanbul), Emirates (via Dubai) and a whole load of other airlines; the cheapest I’ve found online has been with Pegasus Airlines.

Most flights land in Tehran but you can also fly to other parts of the country.

Imam Khomeini International Airport: There are two airports in Tehran but Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA) handles almost all the international flights.

It’s located 30 kilometres southwest of Tehran and is the largest airport in the capital.

One wonders why Hispanic Menendez sucks up to Jews so fervently…for it’s contrary to the Latin character to kiss the arses of Jews.

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