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Pof was a very good site until recently they are now overrun with profiles promoting porn web sites with very raunchy pictures of old ladies and old men. SITE is not worth your time, money, or aggravation!!! First off I am not a "paying member"; so, as is so often the case in these bait and switch.... So I will focus on two things here in the next couple paragraphs that I feel are only worth my energy to save fellow humans (particularly men) from falling into this polluted fishing hole..Before just usual fake scammers from Ghana Albania etc. First off, obviously, the aforementioned ocean between the perfectly reasonable and detailed profile you can make "for free" (cause no one pays internet bills right) and the "upgraded status." Now I fell into this on because their restrictions are far more extreme; if you don't pay a dime, you ain't doing jack, and if you DO, be prepared to pay more to get a realistic chance at any kind of meaningful human interaction on the regular. I wouldn't call myself athletic, but I do exercise, eat right and take care of myself. I go through all their nonsense and start searching. When I searched for body type "skinny", "athletic", or even "average", I came up with goose eggs - zero! I'm pretty sure everyone's taking about 10-20 years off their age too. He messed up alot and always tries to turn it around on you.

Pictures of 25-30 yr olds claiming to be 55-65 yr olds. Actually had my profile deleted "by accident" for reporting scammers. POF let's you make a profile that should serve its purpose and end there but of course greed rears its ever present ugly head, and paying them for various memberships supposedly gets you more visible and your messages go to the top..

It seems they want there users to report these profiles. "I'm not in Mass or CT right now I'm overseas send me your email or text me BS. If your 50 you get profiles of 30 yr olds online like that's gonna happen. Nevermind that a message sent should be immediately visible regardless. Craigslist never made you pay to message for a job, housing, etc.. That got more long-winded than I wanted so regarding the actual "women" you may actually communicate with to varying degrees on POF... I guess if I never relocate I have to be content with the local drug addicted barfly trash I have been through and trying to get away from.

Most of porn site profiles are disgusting looking old women ,in very compromising positions. They say your pics and profile have be approved firsbt their team. They could come up with a dozen other perks for the desperate suckers with loose wallets. things that are true life necessities so you don't, ya know, starve and die homeless. I'll save my breath and refer you to a review below posted by one "Waller K." The man has a way with words regarding that topic and there are certainly many entitled females on the site who deserve every cutting syllable and then some. Alas, happy fishing should you choose to do so anyway.

If that is true why is there nothing but raunchy porn website advertisements in my meet me??? Similarly to my experience in AFF, I used a control group of hideous women, messaged them nice and inoffensive things and.... No I'm not a male model but I'm far from a gremlin. Everyone knows much easier for women to get a man than the other way round so these women are only on here to play games or because nobody wants them The women on POF are nothing special/unattractive but they are all so sick in the head so they think that Mr special will search them out on there.

Leave the dogs on there to catch fleas I don't think I've seen so many average looking woman on one website.

Average is doing them a favour tbh as most arent even that good yet they seem to think they're a catch and havea list of what you boxes you must tick if you want them to reply LOL.

I ran the IT dept of a healthcare company so I know what I'm talking about. Others come and go (trust me ive tried them all) and pof just stays on the throne, pure bossing it.

Told them and their response was tgat if I know computers and IT I shoukd be able to fix the problem myself. Multiple peop e have made the same complaint over the course of the last several months. Of all the new up and coming sites id say only We Just Fit has any chance of challenging pof. Intelligent, sense of humor, 2 kids, single by choice until I meet the right guy.

Only problem,, I had to upgrade to a paying membershipto see any information on these people. If they are deceptive about this, what else do they deceive about? This brand gets a lot of coverage so im trying to judge it fairly but cant help but feel that some less famous sites (like wejustfit.com) pip match to the post when it comes to final results.

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