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Our own Brian Pinero is at the White House today representing loveisrespect at the unveiling of this new ad to promote healthy relationships.Bystander intervention – the encouraging of bystanders to intervene before, during, or after an assault – has been embraced over the past ten years as a major step away from victim-blaming messaging, which focused on telling individuals how to modify their own behaviors around things like dress, drinking, and going out alone as a way of preventing sexual assault.If for some reason you are unable to join on your computer, you can download the presentation slides and listen to the presentation on your telephone.

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Check out this amazing new PSA from the Office of the Vice President.

Vice President Biden has been a huge supporter of the movement to end dating violence.

This is an institutional problem, not a community problem.

Schools need to stop protecting rapists, and improve the way they handle sexual assault cases.

Accordingly, this web conference will highlight the implications for planning, implementing and evaluating violence prevention on college campuses. A web conference is an opportunity to attend an online presentation by watching a slides on your computer screen (using your internet connection) and hearing the presenters through your telephone.

Our web conferences feature an opportunity to participate in an online question & answer sessions and live text chat between participants.

Presenters will also talk about how it intersects with those affected by domestic violence, particularly children.

There will be a strong focus on concrete harm reduction strategies that providers can use with adult and child survivors of domestic violence.

Bystander intervention messaging does little to illuminate systemic issues.

It does not shed light on the pervasive rape culture or the institutions that fiercely protect individuals who choose to rape.

Throughout 2014, bystander intervention messaging was in the spotlight in the U.

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