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In March, Phil was under suspicion by Gail, and during dinner, Phil tried to protest his innocence, but in rage threw David across the table.

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In 2011, David married Kylie Turner, a former cage dancer, much to Gail's disapproval.

He started to mature when he helped Kylie regain custody of her son Max and became a father to the boy.

David spent six weeks in a Young Offenders for criminal damage and assaulting a police officer.

Tina left David in 2009 when he told Tina to lie for him in court when he tried to Gary Windass sent down for beating him up, when David had started he fight.

It took nearly hitting Lily with his car for David to give up his revenge against Clayton, who went down for Kylie's murder.

David's first girlfriend after Kylie was Shona Ramsey.Born in December 1990, in later years David became troubled, especially after almost being drowned by stepfather Richard Hillman and when Martin left to start a new family with Robyn in Liverpool in 2005.David tormented his family by sending them cards from Richard and tried to ruin Sarah's wedding by faking a suicide attempt.David's problems got worse when he met his first ever girlfriend Tina Mc Intyre in 2008.Gail got Tina to abort David's child without his knowledge, causing David to push his mum down the stairs and go on a wrecking spree in the Street when she refused to punish him.In David's cruellest trick yet, he began sending his family cards, from his deceased evil stepfather Richard.

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