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The film was released in the United States on June 29, 1988.Eddie Murphy plays Akeem Joffer, the crown prince of the fictional African nation of Zamunda, who comes to the United States in the hopes of finding a woman he can marry.

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Witnessing such splendor, Lisa is both surprised and touched by the fact that Akeem would have given it up just for her.

Akeem offers again to abdicate if she doesn't want this life, but Lisa playfully declines. Townsend, Akeem and Semmi's landlord in Queens; Vanessa Bell as Imani Izzi, Akeem's arranged wife, and Calvin Lockhart as Colonel Izzi, her father; Louie Anderson as Maurice, a Mc Dowell's employee; Allison Dean as Patrice Mc Dowell, Cleo's youngest daughter and Lisa's sister; Samuel L.

The guy on Coming to America was the pig of the world... I was going out of my way to help this guy, and he fucked me over.

But I still think he's wonderful in the movie.""We had a tussling confrontation… Now he's got a hit picture on his resumé, a movie that made over $200 million, as opposed to him coming off a couple of fucked-up movies – which is where I'd rather see him be right now (laughs)." – Eddie Murphy Despite the experience, Landis and Murphy collaborated again six years later on Beverly Hills Cop III.

Coming to America reunited star Eddie Murphy with director John Landis. He directed me in Trading Places when I was just starting out as a kid, but he was still treating me like a kid five years later during Coming to America. I was gonna direct Coming to America myself, but I knew that Landis had just done three fucked-up pictures in a row and that his career was hanging by a thread after the Twilight Zone trial.

The two had previously worked together on the comedy hit Trading Places (1983); however, Landis later recalled the differences in working with Murphy on the two movies: "The guy on Trading Places was young and full of energy and curious and funny and fresh and great. So he tried to grab my balls and I pushed him away. I figured the guy was nice to me when I did Trading Places, so I'd give him a shot…Meanwhile, although Akeem thrives on hard work and learning how commoners live, Semmi is not comfortable with living in such meager conditions.After a dinner date with Lisa is thwarted when Semmi furnishes their apartment with a jacuzzi and other luxuries, Akeem confiscates his money and donates it to two homeless men.Paramount cancelled press screenings of the film, after initial negative reactions to a press screening in New York.The film debuted at number one with ,404,420 from 2,064 screens, for a five-day total of ,409,497.Murphy and Hall play elderly barbers Clarence and Morris respectively, who engage in debate with Saul, the old Jewish man (Murphy).

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