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Proops embraces the past with a retro personal style and manner of speech, but he doesn’t dwell in it.

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Second, all it means is that poor people have to clean up that window and put a new one in.

I would really appreciate it if someone could send me a link to Proops' traveling tips email he sent to Kumail. "Everyone speaks Englishsay Bonjour then parlez vous anglais?

He may not actually be the smartest man in the world, but Greg Proops has a near-photographic memory for the San Francisco comedy scene of the past.

He can recite other comics’ acts from 30 years ago, recalls in detail the drugs ingested for each band he saw at the defunct concert venue Winterland and can describe the Muni bus routes to comedy clubs that have been closed for decades.

And his podcast work, even more than his comedy, is filled with stories from his Bay Area comedy roots.

After a half-hour Chronicle podcast interview that stretches into the 65-minute mark, Proops seems to just be getting started. “Nothing was more important to me than headlining here,” Proops says.“I remember doing Comedy Day (in Golden Gate Park) in 1992 and thinking, ‘Wow, I’ve really made it.’” But the best gig of his young life — a spot on British TV’s “Whose Line is it Anyway? Proops cold-called comedy clubs in England and Scotland, booked a month of shows, and moved to London. ,” voicing the children’s TV character “Bob the Builder,” and appearances on everything from “Flight of the Conchords” to “@midnight.” Proops lives in Los Angeles now, reliably traveling for stand-up shows in the Bay Area a few times every year, including a late-December residency at the Punch Line that includes New Year’s Eve.SD: Speaking of horrible, did you watch the inauguration concert? And they introduce him like he's one of the greatest recording artists of all time. GP: She looked like the Boston Patriots logo from when I was a kid. SD: At least Chuck Schumer had the guts to acknowledge that there are, in fact, people other than straight, white people in the country. You've elected a reality television star as president. And I've changed the tack on the show to be more of a call to arms. If you're not going to be a human being now, when are you going to be a human being? I don't know if she was auditioning for Paul Revere & the Raiders or what was happening. So, the idea that entertainment should stay out of politics is done. So, I would like to see the white guys step up a little bit more and be men, but, more importantly, people. Or we could have shot the shit about baseball, fer chrissakes — dude's a rabid fan. On Thursday, January 26, he'll do a live taping of his TSMITW podcast. I mean, the address was straight out of the fascist playbook. But the fact that they chanted "Lock her up" at the inauguration gives you some idea of the mindset of his supporters. I don't think many of us are in especially good humor at the moment. Black people had America for too long and having a black president was giving them a voice. SD: I guess when you threaten to gut arts funding, you get stuck with Three Doors Down at your inauguration concert. But, as my wife points out, in another way, the roaches are out and we're shining a light on them. GP: I think we don't have anything else to do but to agitate, illustrate and advocate. I had a couple people tweet me today that I should go back to comedy and stop having an opinion.

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