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Carmine’s only daughter, Talia Shire, is a working actress, who was once married to composer David Shire and producer Jack Schwartzman.From her second marriage, she has two sons, Jason and Robert Schwartzman.

Cast Incest is a variant of Romance on the Set, where two actors from a TV series or film start dating in real life, after they've been playing family members in the show.

Or maybe they were cast into a part specifically because they were already dating/married.

They also have two sisters, Elizabeth and Jane, who stay out of the limelight. Ireland Baldwin, Alec’s eldest child with ex-wife and actress Kim Basinger, is an up-and-coming model.

Daniel has five children with four different women, including ex-girlfriend Isabella Hofmann, an actress.

Kirk married actress Diana Dill, and they had two sons, actor Michael Douglas and producer Joel Douglas.

After they divorced, Kirk married actress Anne Buydens, and they also had two sons together, producer Peter and comedian Eric. As for the third generation, things are not going quite as well.

Many actors, directors, and writers make their way into show biz with the help of celebrity parentage (and family money).

But it’s hard to knock this process, as some of our greatest stars have come about due to the clout of family members that preceded them.

Michael’s son, Cameron, pursued a career as an actor, but is best known for his legal troubles involving drugs.

Michael also has two teenage children with his second wife, actress Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Hawn became a comedy sensation, and married her second husband, musician Bill Hudson of the Hudson Brothers, in 1975.

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