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The Stoeger Uplander definitely seems to be the best option from what I've read so far.

For hunting and some skeet thrown in during the offseason, either is a good reliable gun If you are interested in any of the CZ guns, you should visit the Huglu Forum..... f=137 Just thought I'd give an update to anyone who might have been following this post or to anyone who may read this in the future who is looking for a reliable but affordable double barrel shotgun.

Because used doubles are not very common in pawn shops and gun stores in my area, I figured I would have to buy something new.

I'd be perfectly fine purchasing a used gun, so long as I know it's well-built.

I'm just buying something that I can shoot the heck out of and not worry about messing up.

To sum up, I guess I'm trying to decide between the Uplander Longfowler 12 gauge or the Uplander Supreme 12/20 combo. If the 12/20 combo isn't reasonably priced, I guess I'll just have to go with the Longfowler 12 gauge, which will be the best, multi-purpose gun.

Can anyone offer any suggestions or opinions, as this will be my first Stoeger and my first double barrel shotgun that is not an antique? Why would you want/need 12 for Skeet of all things? I have always shot 12 gauges, so I guess I prefer that simply because that's just what I'm used to; however, I wouldn't rule out a 20 for skeet.Of course, I would prefer to have a nicer gun than a Stoeger, but I'm really looking for something in the 0 or lower range.I've heard that you can't go wrong with a used Stevens, but I've never come across one.The Uplander Supreme also has a single trigger and has 28" barrels (I'm not going to complain over 2" difference---as long as it's not 26"), but I'm not sure that the slightly increased quality of the Supreme is really worth the increased price to me, considering that I'm not purchasing this gun as a showpiece but as a sturdy, reliable gun.The only thing that I find more appealing about the Supreme is that it is offered in a 12/20 gauge combo set and still has a single trigger.I have been wanting a cheap, side by side double barrel shotgun that I can take into the woods and not be worried about getting scratches on it, since the only other doubles I have are too old to shoot safely.

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