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“I'm a TV presenter by day, that's what pays the bills, and by evening I run a woman's conference, I suppose you could say I was an entrepreneur," says Sarpong.

The only time she’s lost for words in an hour is when I ask her about being a victim of phone hacking by the News of the World.

“The first I heard of was via a phone call for the police.was shock more than anything.” Her case is yet to be settled but you get the feeling Sarpong won’t dwell.

I have a lot of friends who were told they could have it all and I don’t know if you can.

We need to come up with a framework where we don’t expect the person looking after the kids to have the same hours and responsibilities as someone who doesn’t have kids.

The move also coincides with the end of T4, Channel 4’s weekend morning ‘hangover slot’ which finishes this month after 14 years.

Sarpong spent nine of those presenting in between episodes of Friends and the OC and as the go-to interviewer for celebrities from Brad Pitt to Britney Spears. “We [follow presenters Dermot O’Leary, Steve Jones, Miquita Oliver and Vernon Kay] are grown-ups now.” The distinctly adult setting she’s chosen for our meeting - a quiet private member’s club in Mayfair, complete with Hockney prints on the wall – seems appropriate for the “new phase” in her life, if not a little sedate.

On the day we meet she’s off to an engagement for his Faith Foundation where she was on the panel of judges for a short film competition.

As for the currently Labour leader, she's yet to elevate him to rockstar levels. "Watch this space.” Right now though, she has more pressing battles to concern herself with than party politics.

Growing up she says her Ghanaian parents encouraged her to knuckle-down and work hard.

“There was no time for messing about at school, my mum was really strict.” Her time at Connaught School For Girls in Leytonstone was marked by an accident when she was struck by a car aged 15, leaving her in hospital.

But as soon as I see spy June, now 35, in leopard-print trousers and a broad smile on her face, I’m reassured.

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