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Donahue enjoyed a wide range of activities as a child, including baseball and dance lessons. Edward High School in the Cleveland suburb of Lakewood, he played for the school band and drew cartoons for its newspaper.

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He won his first Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Host in 1977, and by 1979 the show was enjoying syndication in more than 200 markets. With his intelligent, informative daytime talk show style, Donahue's influence is more noticeable with every bold talk show that hits the airwaves.

Following a move to WNBC-TV in New York City in 1985, Donahue made history by pairing with Soviet radio and TV personality Vladimir Pozner for the first live discussion between an American and a Soviet audience. His way of asking the probing questions, limitless curiosity and trademark enthusiasm — bounding up and down the aisles of his studio to get as many audience comments as possible — is legendary.

When asked what’s the most expensive thing a man has ever gifted her, Marlo said that a man not only gifted her a house but also gifted her mom one as well. Marlo laughingly added that she has the title to her home and no payments.

It seems that not even Ne Ne Leakes knew that fact. Marlo’s home was featured on several episodes ago when she hosted a lavish tea party.

There would've been no Donahue show without that studio audience.”“There's a lot of ego gratification here.

My name is on the program — I'm the leader of the band. I don't have to walk down the center of an issue like Tom Brokaw does.

Donahue has five children with first wife Margaret Cooney: four sons, Michael, Kevin, Daniel and Jim, and daughter Mary Rose.

He met his second wife, actress Marlo Thomas, when she was a guest on his show; they married in 1980., to accompany a five-part series about human behavior that aired the following year.

Donahue then became a newscaster for WHIO radio and television in Dayton, Ohio, where he interviewed union leader Jimmy Hoffa.

In 1963 he began hosting , a radio phone-in talk show with a primarily female audience.

Andy then got to the question that viewers have probably asked the most since Marlo was introduced on the show years ago.

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