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After battling out abusive relationship and traumatic phase in early life, she stepped up to become the modern great.She got recognition after she became one of the casts of “Love and Hip Hop.” The reality series on VH1 aired on 6th March 2011 and after making two seasons in a row; she moved to another reality show called “Famously Single.” Except for her reality show, she also appeared as an actress in “American Psycho” (2002), “The Scorpio King” (2002), “Go For It” (2009), and much more.

star meets with relationship coach Darcy Sterling for her first one-on-one session and opens up about her ex-boyfriend's abusive behavior."My boyfriend set the tone of every other man I dated after that," Somaya says.

The only thing I remember is that he was beating my head into the ground."Somaya explains that terrifying experience is part of the reason why she's dated more women than men. "I just think they're disgusting.""I can absolutely imagine why you'd feel that way," Dr.

@somayareece better say YES this ring cost a lot lol??? _________ _________ Thank you for tuning into our season finale of our show! #Love Wins #First Familyof Hip Hop A post shared by Somaya Reece ??

’s Famously Single, which puts eight celebrities to live together in a house and figure out why they may be very good at dating (and hooking up) but not so good at relationships.

My mother knows but she’s been in denial but I need to live my life. Where we’re at now with reality shows now it seems like everyone is gay for pay and a gimmick.

It’s an exploitation of our community, which is why there’s certain misconceptions and perceptions of LGBTQ and it’s false.

Samaya Reece had all the negative impacts on her childhood one can have, but in spite of that, she is now top-rated reality celebrity, actress, and a singer.

She is also in an openly lesbian relationship with her lady love and got engaged to her on 20th March 2017.

” A lot of people have been programmed to believe if you’re not in a relationship there’s something wrong with you. After my first experience that was really negative with that one boyfriend [Somaya talks in the show about the abuse she endured], that didn’t determine that I would not date men again.

It only determined that I just needed to be more aware of the type of man I date.

Besides high-profile cast members like Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member Brandi Granville and Jersey Shore’s Pauly D, we’re, of course, drawn to Los Angeles native Somaya Reece (Love and Hip Hop: New York) a woman who had dated men and women in the past but clearly has a preference since, in her words, “I have always been attracted to women.

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