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In a sad twist of fate, Liam played a widowed writer in the 2003 Richard Curtis comedy, Love Actually.In one of the movie's many strands, his character Daniel leans on his exuberant young son after his wife loses her battle with cancer.

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But now, the 70-year-old star is just taking every day as it comes with her love life! I haven’t exactly been in the midst of a lot of offers of any kind.

Ace Showbiz - Susan Sarandon ended her five-year relationship with Jonathan Bricklin last year. According to Page Six, Sarandon arrived at the Emirates suite on Sunday, September 4 with her son Miles, a female friend and a mystery blond man who seemed to be in his late 30s.

The chickens are intrigued by all of the new space in there.

They come in and walk about and poop, investigating as they go.

I don't know shit about gardening, I don't know shit about marriage, I don't know shit about myself, I don't know shit about life.

In fact, the list of shit I do not know is longer than the list of things banned on an airplane.

This morning he drove down to Crawfordville where the truck-in-pieces he bought was and trailered back at least parts of it.

And then he arranged things on shelving that he's had and not used for approximately twenty years, all neat and tidy and arranged.

The A-lister, 63, recently announced that he had fallen for someone "incredibly famous", seven years after the tragic passing of his late wife, actress Natasha Richardson.

However, the star has now done a complete U-turn and decided that it was all one big joke.

It's literally a whole new world which has opened up for them as well as for my husband. I, too, was soaked through but I took a shower and feel somewhat restored.

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