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Uncle Po eventually passed away in intensive care and Jackie was caught and arrested during a heist.

After stealing Ricky Wong's portable data disk, Shen met with Pendrew revealing incriminating evidence on Sonny that would damage Big Smile Lee’s operations and business income.

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Realizing his growing charisma and capability within the triads, Shen was approached by Broken Nose Jiang who enlisted his aid for their mutual interests against their common enemy, Big Smile Lee.

Soon after, Shen, Jackie and the Water Street Gang were officially initiated into the Sun On Yee, however Raymond would express increasing skepticism of Shen’s chances of success and his objectivity.

He is voiced by Will Yun Lee and played by Brian Ho in the official live-action trailer.

Shen was born in Hong Kong to Margaret Shen and his father who abandoned his family. Shen moved to San Francisco from Hong Kong at age of 10 with his mother and sister in an attempt to help Mimi overcome her drug addiction.

Having finally earned Winston’s trust and respect, Shen was accepted by Winston as a member of the family and was invited to his wedding with Peggy Li.

After Winston and Peggy were murdered at their own wedding, Shen took over Winston’s position as a Red Pole, seeking vengeance against Dogeyes and resisting Big Smile Lee’s hostile takeover of the Water Street Gang’s assets.

During his undercover assignment for the SFPD, Shen participated in gunning down Charles 'Two Hat' Chin, and later tortured and executed drug dealer Ming Ming Trin on June 2010 for supplying Mimi with a fatal dose of heroin.

Although a confidential informant tipped off SFPD Internal Affairs about the murder, it was not thoroughly investigated due to lack of substantial evidence.

Due to the department’s lack of qualified Asian-American candidates and the demand for Cantonese-speaking officers, he was highly recommended to be assigned immediately to the plainclothes anti-Tong task force.

Eventually, Shen's sister died from a drug overdose and later their mother committed suicide as a result.

Shen negotiated with Pendrew the release of Jackie in exchange for the evidence, but was ordered by Pendrew to cease his undercover work and warned to stay away from the triads.

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