Windy weather live wallpaper not updating

And then you have global warming making the "snow time" shorter and shorter.

Personally, if it's too small getting readings on particular cities would be tough, but that isn't it's purpose is it. Puffer Sphere is spherical, 360-degree display system made for multinational corporations, public and private institutions.

Pufferfish, a multitouch digital display technology company, displays its Puffer Sphere product at the 2015 Esri Federal GIS Conference, held Feb. It is innovating the understanding of trends, phenomena and correlations in global data.

Seems like the one between Greenland and Iceland would be faster because of the more tunneling going on.

Then when you go up about 9000m, some of the wind speeds are above 170mph; really damn interesting.

The katabatic wind explanation is more or less on point, though it does annoy my ears to say it gets more mass.

It's just that it's significantly denser than the other air lower down and simply cleaves its way through it like a plow.

When I dragged it to the real time, it suddenly matched up with what I can see out of my window.

I assume site is supposed to be used world wide, yet it defaults to inches, in Hg, deg F....

I had a vague idea of how bad sailors had it but some of these currents are astronomical, very humbled as a land dweller.

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