Women dating younger boys uk dating website for nerds

They’ll often admit they don’t want to marry again or aren’t looking for a “long-term thing.” The data don’t lie.

If she knows she has options, she’s more willing to go into it with an open mind and heart. They’re usually just starting their careers, not bogged down with unreasonable schedules. They want to be with someone who can share their thirst for adventure.

A weekend wine tasting trip or last-minute evening hike.

Few things are more romantic than dropping everything for a weekend alone. Older women are having their liberated cake and eating it too.

They’re realizing they can be with a guy who makes them happy and has it going on.

We’ve got 9 reasons more older women are dating younger guys. And as a bonus, some tips on how to approach them with confidence.

According to one study, women who are at least ten years older than their partner are happier in their relationships.

In a liberated society, women are beginning to feel open about their dating preferences.

You see it in the business world, among celebrity couples, and within royalty.

Women are taking notice of this and venturing outside their age bracket.

Many older men are on the rebound from a divorce and have no idea what they want.

What you might not know is that older women also pursue younger guys.

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