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Eventually, the truth surfaced, however, and when it became clear that Marley was the father of Hill's first son, Zion, things were never quite the same."When [] came out, y'all was mad at me," he said, referencing songs like "Ex-Factor," which were written about him and their relationship.

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"If she was reading my book, I don't think she would want me to be any other way than honest with my book," he said.

"Because she's straight-up honest." "Purpose: An Immigrant's Story" is in bookstores now.

Then he had attended Eastern Nazarene College where he had finished one semester at Five Towns College in New York.

He had also enrolled in the Berklee College of Music in 2009.

"Throughout the years, there's always been different things that's been said, and I just went into deep detail for y'all." The Haitian-born musician weaves a vivid tale for his readers, revealing that Hill began dating the father of her children, Rohan Marley, during the period when she was still romantically involved with 'Clef.

In the book, Wyclef admits that he was jealous of Hill's new relationship, despite having his own marriage, but when she became pregnant, he was led to believe that he was the father of her son.

"This is a period of my life, and that's how I felt.

If anything, I just brought closure to a chapter — because at the end of the day, I didn't do so there was no closure in my chapter, but I kept writing and writing. I'm not known to sugarcoat, so it's either yes or no.

In 1980s Jean had formed the group and signed with Ruffhouse Records and Columbia Records in 1993.

Next year the group had released their first album Blunted on Reality and achieved limited commercial success.

Wyclef said it was crucial for him to tell the whole story.

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