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I had a male friend whose ex gf requested to ingest his mud str8 from the tap....*gack*and he obliged !!!

*goes into full body dry heaves* thinkin about it again. ...to think in order to retain that bit of information, I had to let some really important bit of knowledge leave my brain...

I think I'll swim over there =} I was going to jerk off before bed. EWWWWWWWW ~ I don't think watersports or scat is a good idea.

I've heard urine is only sterile until it's outside the body ~ and the other ~ that's just plain old nasty. If you don't mind doing it, and she digs it, more power to you I guess. I never let him try certain things because I don't like severe pain during sex.

(Again, that's just my own opinion.) and here i thought you couldn't pee with a woody?? (I have a few of my own) But when it comes to "water sports" or "scat play", YUCK. She could get an infection that way if she has any cuts or sores or something in her vagina. But I've always found those two types of fetishes a bit odd. But I did let him do a few of the "lighter" things like spanking, hair pulling, "light" bondage (because I enjoy those things sometimes too). I think one or two people might understand where I'm coming from...

and i don't really think this is the site to be discussing 'extreme' fetishes. But as far as "breast binding" or putting clothespins on my nipples, no thanks. Anyway I love urine well idk it's interested me at one point of my life but I'm more so into female facials.

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Even if the people here are 'into' them, they surely won't admit it on this site lmao. I like the whole squirting thing but I've always fancied actual evidence of a hard nights work I did have a mistress at one point in my life but allas it didn't work out, I guess I wanted more than the sub dom relationship. imo that is disgusting...ew ewwwwwwwwi have always wanted to bite someone's neck though..

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