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His staff of attorneys had finished sifting through the league contract and discovered something very disconcerting.

If the team did not show a profit by the end of their very first season, the franchise would be placed in a lottery for other markets to bid upon.

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1" medical tape had been wound around the open end about her throat, foiling any attempts to shake it off.

There was another anchoring point, vis--vis more tape wound around her head where her mouth should be.

His arm froze in mid-air when he saw the human form. A bra that had become transparent due to excessive perspiration.

The woman's identity was hidden, thanks to the canvas currency bag encasing her head.

3/8" cotton rope indented the blouse in several spots on her torso.

Several bands encircled her chest, above and below her breasts (making them stand out quite nicely, Bertram noted).

But then he looked closer and sucked in his breath at what he saw.

During the process of her struggles, Miss Cranston's mid-thigh skirt had risen up. The hem now rested scrunched up at the tops of her legs, exposing panties that matched the same material as the bra. Bertram felt himself blush as he stared at his secretary's dark blonde pubic hair matted underneath the gauzy fabric. The mysterious twin cords ran straight down through the young lady's crotch, bisecting the lips of her sex.

At first glance, she appeared not to have any arms.

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