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those are zippo specific.nothing fancy needed for the basics..

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About: Planetariums to escape detection systems, I work on obscure stuff! the zippo lighter, often imitated but never duplicated.

Looking to hire a Mc Guyver with a diverse mechanical, marine, radio, and electronics background? few products have stood the test of time like the zippo lighter.

1) the only steel zippos where made during ww2 and for a short while around 1953. go to your local place that sells new zippo branded lighters and ask to see one. edges were sharp and it just had a cheap look to it. they even went as far as stamping it on the bottom with zippo markings but those didn't look right either. as a zippo collector, i want the real thing but the instructions given here can be used to rebuild any windproof style lighter.

hold it in your hand and flip the lid open with your thumb. the only exception is the drill bit lengths given to remove stuck flints.

you don't have to do some of these repairs yourself but i personally try to fix all the ones in my collection before resorting to sending them in.

the folks at zippo are gracious enough to honor their lifetime warranty so i only use it when needed.

this instructable will show you how to rebuild your lighter.

this instructable takes for granted that you have the ability to use basic hand tools and work with small parts.

bend remaining wick over layer of cotton you just packed and pack rest of cotton in. in the last pic you see a spare flint that's been laid in between the felt pad and the bottom of the cotton.

spare flints are supposed to go in the tiny hole in the felt pad but that hole is just too convenient for refilling the striker wheel is what you spin to create the sparks that ignite your lighter.

an experienced zippo collector can spot copies easily without looking at the bottom and can even spot the counterfeits. i have one that was trying to pawn itself off as a john deere zippo.

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